15 Questions With...James Snavely

15 Questions With...James Snavely

The West Virginia Wesleyan Sports Information Department will provide a weekly 15 Questions With...a Wesleyan student-athlete.

This week, we interview junior golfer James Snavely

James is from Hurricane, W. Va.


1. What sport do you play?

Men's Golf

2. What is your favorite athletic moment at Wesleyan?

Finishing fourth as a team in our 2017 Spring Conference Tournament

3. Describe your toughest practice at Wesleyan? 

Working out and then going to play golf is tough. Swinging a golf club is hard enough on its own, and it gets even harder when your chest and arms are spent.

4. What is your favorite saying from your head coach?

Live your life in the moment. You can't change the past and it's impossible to predict the future. One shot at a time.

5. What was or is the favorite class you have taken at Wesleyan, what year was it and who taught the class? 

Financial Literacy with Professor Ervin in Spring 2017

6. What is your favorite thing about Wesleyan?

The tight-knit environment between students, faculty, and staff.

7. What was your initial thoughts of Buckhannon when you arrived as a freshman?  

I initially liked Buckhannon. It has been a great place for me to grow and transition for high school to adulthood. Now that I have explored what it has to offer, I love it even more.

8. What is your greatest strength? Weakness?

On the golf course, my greatest strength is my driver. My weakness is my course management. In life, my greatest strength is working hard and seeing things through. My greatest weakness is delegating tasks that others can accomplish on their own. 

9. Who is your hero? And Why?

My heroes are my parents. They work hard and make personal sacrifices every day for my siblings and me to live well. 

10. What question do you hate to answer?

This question is pretty tough to answer...

11. What is your favorite food? 

New York style pizza.

12. What is your favorite restaurant in the entire world?

Honestly probably 5 Guys. I know it's a chain, but it's consistently great.

13Favorite vacation spot?

Hilton Head, S.C. Very relaxed place.

14. What are your plans after graduation?

Get a masters in Accountancy, pass my CPA, and then go to law school.

15. What advice you would give to freshmen on your team?

Work hard and utilize Coach's experiences/knowledge. Don't get discouraged if you don't play as well the first couple months in college as you normally would. College is a huge transition and took me a couple weeks to get comfortable with everything.