15 Questions With...Justine Bledsoe

15 Questions With...Justine Bledsoe

1. What sport do you particpate in?

Women's Swimming

2. What is your favorite athletic moment at Wesleyan?

Winning my last event of the season which happens to be my favorite event, the 100 Individual Medley

3. Describe your toughest practice at Wesleyan? 

That's a tough call… to be honest I try to forget about the practice as soon as I get out of the pool.

4. What is your favorite saying from your head coach April Gitzen?

"Practice is over see you tomorrow" Just kidding… probably "get out of your head and trust your training"

5. What was or is the favorite class you have taken at Wesleyan, what year was it and who taught the class? 

Creative Writing, my junior year with Doug Van Gundy.

6. What is your favorite thing about Wesleyan?

The personal connections you are able to form with professors and other faculty because of the small class sizes.

7. What was your initial thoughts of Buckhannon when you arrived as a freshman?  

Where am I supposed to go eat?! Keep in mind Buffalo Wild Wings and Taco Bell did not arrive in Buckhannon until my sophomore year so it was a struggle the first year.

8. What is your greatest strength? Weakness?

My greatest strength is probably my optimism and intuition. My biggest weakness is thinking I have more time than actually I do.

9. Who is your hero? And Why?

My mom. She's the funniest, most hardworking, and selfless person I know.

Oh also Beyonce is a pretty big contender.

10. What question do you hate to answer?

"What are your plans after graduation?"

11. What is your favorite food? 

Pretty much anything involving cheese or bacon

12. What is your favorite restaurant in the entire world?

K-38 Baja Grill

13. Favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere in the Caribbean

14. What are your plans after graduation?

Hopefully travel and then convince someone to hire me

15. What advice you would give to freshmen on your team?

Make connections with as many people on campus as you can including professors, other students, Dining hall staff etc.  Also don't stress yourself out too much about every test or race it will all turn out okay and its okay to fail sometimes. Remember to have fun and try new things.